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Keepsake Flower Questionnaire / Agreement

How to start and what to expect:
1. Choose items that you want in your designs. Please furnish us with enough items to complete your designs.   We welcome you to send more than less when in doubt and we will return any unused items when we ship your design. If you are in need of help making your decision on how much to send, please do not hesitate to email us at order@anvente.com. A designer will contact you as soon as possible.
     When we are using your keepsakes, brooches, artificial flowers or buttons for design, at times we may need to permanently add stems etc to be able to place them in a design. Please do not send any pieces that you would want to take apart after the event without speaking to us prior to shipping them to us. We will at that time make the decision on whether we can temporarily stem them etc.

2. Bag special items according to preference in design and mark them.  List what items are in each bag so they can be inventoried upon arrival.

3. Take a copy of your order and fill out our questionnaire to help our designers match your order and know what you are picturing for your design... If you have a picture please include it - any pictures will be returned with your bouquet.

4. Box and ship your items and paperwork to the Nevada address on your order copy so we can assign you a designer and schedule you - please allow at least 8 weeks for your designs to be completed once your items arrive at our location. If you have a rush request, please contact us at prior to shipping your items.   We suggest that you let us know when your items ship with a tracking number so we can watch for their arrival.  If you are shipping anything that are expensive please contact us and make sure you insure the shipment in case of loss.  We are not responsible for packages we do not receive. 

5. You will receive a test email from your designer once your items are received and you are scheduled. The email will confirm the items we received along with any questions your designer may have after reading your requests and seeing your items.

6. When designing your designer will email pictures so you can follow along throughout the design process and make your preferences known to your designer. At certain times during your design, you will need to email us to approve the design at certain times so your designer can move on and finish your design. If you do not approve within 24 hours, your design will be put on hold and completion date may change as your designer will need to move on to another job.

7. We will ship upon completion and approval of your items. We ship with standard insurance issued by the carrier. We will not be responsible for lost shipments or items above the standard insurance rate. Please contact us if you are planning to send us any keepsake that is rare or expensive so we may place added insurance on your return order but that will be at additional cost to you.
1. Once we receive your items there will be a $35.00 cancellation fee assessed for repacking and return shipping of your items.

2. Any cancellation of an order after your designer has started to create your flowers will carry an hourly rate of work done + $35.00 cancellation fee. We will not be responsible for any permanent changes done to any piece that has been done prior to cancellation and will be returned as is.
Please fill out below and include this in your box along with a copy of your invoice:
1. Please confirm what size and type of items you are ordering on your order and initial here:   ____________________

2.  Once you approve a step - it will be completed and cannot be reversed so make sure you express any changes or worries to your designer.  Once a design is completed and permanently finished it cannot be undone.  Please initial that you understand:  ____________________

2. Please list items that you are shipping to us on the back of this sheet or include a list in each bag:

3. Please confirm that you have read this agreement and initial here: ____________________

4.Please list any special requests regarding your design below or you may include another page:

I have read and agree to the items listed above. I understand that I must sign and return this agreement to have my order scheduled for design.

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Order Number (please include a copy)