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Paints, Tints, Sealers and Finishes

Most of our paints can be used on fresh flowers to enhance or change the color without harming the bloom.  We also carry texture paints, metallic paints, glitters, absorbit and dipit dye.

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dmpaint The most versatile color available!   Consistent color that you can depend on, from design to design - from can to can. Fast drying and no messy clean-up! Design Master products can be used on more color surfaces than any other type of color.  Design Master products are non-toxic when dry. Design Master products do not contain CFC's and do not deplete the ozone layer.
specify: aspen yellow, basil, black - flat, black - gloss, blue bright, blue marlin, blue sky, burgundy, carnation red, coral, cranberry, deep blue, dark chocolate, french blue, fuchsia, gray flannel, holiday green, holiday red, hunter green, hyacinth, ice blue, ivory, larkspur blue, lavender, moss green, october brown, olive bright, orange, perfect pink, pink glow, prairie grass, purple, raspberry, robins egg, spring green, teal blue, terra cotta, tangerine, violet, white - flat, white - gloss or yellow/yellow
Specially formulated to use on more surfaces than any other type of color. Use on fresh, dried and silk flowers, foam products, fabrics, ribbon, papier maché, ceramics, pottery, wicker, wood and most decorative surfaces.

Color Spray Paint
Price $11.50 / each


Indoor, Satin Finish Multi-Use Fast Drying Crisp, Clean Color Safe for use on fresh flowers and Styrofoam brand foam™
Rich translucent wood-toned hues build to a glossy shine. Use to mimic wood finishes on hard surfaces and floral products. Popular as antiquing glazes, Wood Tones add instant aging to most any color or surface.
quick drying
transparent color
three classic wood hues
safe on floral products
use as an antiquing glaze to tone down colors
lacquer based spray
recoat at any time
dmwood Indoor, Gloss Finish Wood Stain Color Fast Drying sheer color builds to a glossy shine & tones surface colors
specify: cherry, walnut or wood tone

Wood Tone Paint
Price $11.50 / each


ColorTEX is multi-color spray texture that gives a unique dimensional finish to almost any surface. In one simple step, create interesting texture and color contrasts. Cures to a scratch-resistant finish. Topcoat only for optimum durability and moisture protection using Design Master Clear Finish.
matte finish
water-based spray
30 minutes dry to the touch
5-6 hours to handle
cures to a scratch resistant finish
acid free / archival safe
recommended for interior use
colortex Indoor, Matte Finish One Step Texture Unique Snow Effect
easy process acid free archival safe
specify: flurry, quarry or mossy

ColorTex Paint
Price $18.50 / each


COLORTOOL Metals provide metallic color with all the versatile properties of our classic COLORTOOL Sprays.  Delicate enough to safely apply on fresh flowers and Styrofoam brand foam, yet sturdy enough for all sorts of surfaces.  An ultra-fine mist provides smooth application plus the opportunity to create color infused patinas by layering colors or using simple techniques.

dmmetaldmmetalprem dmmodmet
specify: gold, pure gold, brilliant gold, gold medal (shiny), antique gold, bronze, copper fusion, super silver, platinum (chrome), champagne silver, metallic taupe, copper, black chrome or gold lumina
  • ultra-fine mist
  • satin finish
  • fresh flower-friendly and foam-safe
  • can be used on delicate items
  • one light coat adds a translucency or metallic color
  • 2-3 light coats provides complete metallic coverage
  • the most versatile metallic spray
  • pigmented, lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time

Metallic Spray Paint
Price $11.50 / each

Indoor, Satin Metallic Finish
Fast Drying
durable scratch resistant
unique on glass
Instantly embellish most any surface in a sparkling finish of micro glitter. With 4 brilliant colors to choose from select one for a twinkling accent or a glistening blend. Add the WOW factor to weddings, proms, holidays, parties and special events.

use on a variety of surfaces
safe on fresh flowers, foliages, poinsettias and other potted plants
easy soap and water clean-up
can be used on washable fabrics
acid free
dmglitterspray Indoor Instant Sparkle Finish Non-Clogging safe on fresh flowers acid free archival safe
specify: gold, silver, opal essence or red

Glitter Spray Paint
Price $10.50 / each

16 oz plastic bottle, 1/32" glitter  specify: black, fuchsia/pink, gold, purple, red, royal or silver

order number: metfs-gL32x
$22.50 / each


Just For Flowers is transparent flower dye in a convenient spray application.  It instantly colors any flower without concealing the blossom’s delicate features.  Fresh, silk and dried flowers become infused with a natural impression of color.

Just For Flowers’ transparent nature allows underlying color to visually interact with the dye color.  Change a basic white blossom to a dye color or blend and accent hues on colored blossoms.

jff  purplepansy
specify: black cherry, bougainvillea, coral bell, daffodil, delphinium blue, fresh green, hydrangea blue, lemon, lilac, osiana peach, peacock, petunia, poppy, purple pansy, tiger lily or wild rose
  • ultra-fast drying
  • transparent color
  • doesn’t hide blossom details
  • natural looking addition of color
  • use on all types of flowers including fresh
  • enhances fresh flower life – slows down evaporation of moisture  through petals
  • match or coordinate colors
  • enliven blossoms with more brilliance
  • shift colors to neighboring hues
  • ideal for wedding and home decor designs
  • excellent on satin, sheer and lace ribbons and fabric wedding accessories
  • modified lacquer-based spray
  • recoat at any time

Just for Flowers
Price $11.50 / each

Indoor, Satin Finish Spray Flower Dye Transparent Color fast drying fresh flower safe doesn't hide details

Stem Dye for Fresh Cut Flowers Absorbit color comes in 4 oz containers - Quick and easy way to dye fresh flowers. Good reasons to make Design Master Absorbit stem dye your color tool for fresh flowers:

absorbit  DIRECTIONS
1. For best results use only high quality flowers that have been dry-stored in the cooler. Flowers kept in water before dyeing will absorb dye slower.

2. MIX THOROUGHLY 2-3 teaspoons of ABSORBIT per quart of warm (100-110 °F) water. (8-12 teaspoons / gallon)

3. Strip lower foliage and RECUT stems.
specify: ice blue, larkspur blue, lavender, burgundy, holiday red, holiday green, yellow, purple, teal blue, deep blue, perfect pink, lime green or orange
  • Save Effort... Absorbit is easy to use, just mix with hot water.
  • Save time... Absorbit's special formulation speeds up the stem
  • Save money... Absorbit's concentrated dye makes more than twice the tinting solution.
  • Can blend colors for so many options!

Absorbit Dye
order number: flosf-dmasxx-06

Price $115.50 / case of 6


4. Place stems in dye solution for 30-60 minutes. Long stemmed flowers should be taken from dye solution at the first sign of color above the calyx.

5. Remove flowers and rinse dye from bottom of stems.

6. Transfer flowers to water with flower food. The flower color will continue to intensify as the remaining dye within the stems travels upward.

Dip and Rinse Dye for Floral Materials Dipit colors in an instant with three easy steps. Just dip, rinse and let dry! Perfect for light colored fresh and silk flowers, dried materials and other floral accessories. Reusable Dipit is the economical way to color bunches of flowers for weddings and other special occasions. 

1. USE high quality, fully bloomed white or light colored flowers.

2. POUR Dipit into a wide mouth container or bucket for easy dipping.

3. DIP blossoms into dye for approximately 2 seconds.
specify: ice blue, larkspur blue, lavender, holiday red, holiday green, yellow, purple, deep blue, perfect pink or orange

a dip & rinse floral dye, Dipit colors fresh blossoms by immersing flower heads into the dye then rinsing away excess color

beautifully colors silk flowers, dried materials and floral accessories too

creates stunning color with a smooth, natural appearance

use DIPIT where large quantities of flowers require coloring

Dip It Dye
order number: flosf-dmdsxx-06

Price $98.50 / case of 6


4. SHAKE excess dye back into container or bucket, it’s reusable.

5. RINSE blossoms thoroughly in clear water and shake again over a drain.

6. LET DRY before handling to avoid staining of clothing, etc.

rose fragrance  sealers sealers

Design Master Rose Fragrance brings the fragrance of fresh roses to your designs.  A special preservative allows the natural scents to last for days.  This floral scent is safe for all types of flowers and accessories plus gift wrap, tissue, shred and ribbon

  • adds a natural bouquet to blossoms no longer with scent
  • embellishes packaging presentations with aroma
Super Surface Sealer is a quick drying, satin sealer that protects delicate items in a thin, flexible coating. Seals porous surfaces, reduces shattering of dried flowers, protects ribbons in humid conditions and enhances colors. Use as a primer before spraying vinyl surfaces with Design Master color sprays as it mitigates any incompatibility between the vinyl surface and color spray. Not intended for extended outdoor use. Pottery Sealer seals terra cotta pottery and saucers to keep looking new. Protects against water seepage and resists staining by salts and mineral deposits. Can be applied over or under decorative pot painting. fast drying indoor or outdoor use seals unglazed potter protects against water seepage varnish-based spray alternatively use as a durable clear coat to enhance color and durability

Design Master Rose Fragrance
order number: flosf-dm504

$10.50 / each

Super Surface Sealer
order number: flosf-dm656

Price $11.50 / each

Pottery Sealer
order number: flosf-dm657
Price $11.50 / each

Clear Finish is our hardest protective, scratch-resistant finish. It adds lustre in a rich gloss. Dries in minutes to a durable color enhancing finish. Works great as a clear primer for adhering COLORTOOL Sprays to slick surfaces. Quick drying recommended for indoor use lacquer-based spray recoat at any time Clear Finish is our hardest protective, scratch-resistant finish. It adds lustre in a rich matte sheen. Dries in minutes to a durable color enhancing finish. Works great as a clear primer for adhering COLORTOOL Sprays to slick surfaces. Quick drying recommended for indoor use lacquer-based spray recoat at any time Dresden Clear Glaze is a flexible, non-yellowing clear coat that creates a lustrous shine and resists cracking. Fast drying, protective gloss finish is suitable for floral items and most paintable surfaces. Not intended for use on outdoor exposed objects. Fast drying high shine flexible finish non-yellowing lacquer-based spray, recoat at any time

Clear Finish Gloss
order number: flosf-dm168

Price $11.50 / each

Clear Finish Matte
order number: flosf-dm169

Price $11.50 / each

Dresden Clear Glaze
order number: flosf-dm655

$11.50 / each

primer  messmaster dmsnow
Fast covering base coat for preparation of difficult surfaces. Improves adhesion, covers dark colors and seals porous surfaces. Neutral gray color is a perfect base for colortool sprays 12 oz Design tool and cleaner. A must have for clean-up. Especially formulated to remove Design Master paint and glue from hands. A “must have” multi-purpose cleaner and design tool. Use to clean up overspray and many sticky situations. A creative design tool to blend and marbleize colors. Holiday Snow creates the authentic snow flocked look on Christmas trees, wreaths and evergreen products. The perfect accent for Nostalgic Christmas decor. High quality snow flocking apply to fresh and artificial holiday greenery and flowers use on window too clean up with soapy water and soft scrubber

order number: flosf-dm645

Price $11.50 / each

Mess Master
order number: flosf-649
Price $11.50 / each

Holiday Snow
order number: flosf-dm830

Price $11.50 / each
out of stock

101   crystals
just add water for a non-toxic, non-flammable and a green alternative to crushed foam. Feels cool like snow and is light and beautifully real looking! 8 ounce jar.   Crystal Frost replicates the unique patters of frost crystals on glass or non-porous surfaces. Accent window displays, vases, hurricane globes or votive cups. fast drying apply to window, mirrors and non-porous surfaces soap and water clean up

order number: flofs-gLx01

Price $22.50 / each

Crystal Frost
order number: flosf-dm800

$9.50 / each