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Glue, Tape and Glue Guns

From stem wraps to glue guns we offer a large assortment of adhesives including specialty floral adhesives for wedding and party design work. We also offer aisle runner tape to help control slippage and gaffer tape to hide electrical wires when lighting your event.

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lt green florist tape  t82 t72
1/2" x 30 yards, specify: black, brown, green, light green, olive or white 1" x 30 yards, specify: white or green 1" x 20 feet - waterproof works for securing foam cages, votive cups, aisle runners and more

1/2" Stemwrap
order number: flofs-t81x-12

Price $37.50 / box of 12


1" Stemwrap
order number: flofs-t82x-06

$37.50 / box of 6


1" Double Sided Fastening Tape
order number: flofs-t72

$15.50 / each

t72 t72 clear tape
1" x 60 yards - single side 2" x 60 yards - single side 1/4" x 72 yards

1" White All Purpose Tape
order number: flofs-t70

$18.50 / each

2" White All Purpose Tape
order number: flofs-t71

$30.50 / each

1/4" Clear Bowl Tape
order number: drifs-t74

$9.50 / each

clear tape clear tape t75
1/2" x 72 yards 1" x 72 yards 1/4" x 60 yards, specify: white or green

1/2" Clear Bowl Tape
order number: flofs-t78

$10.50 / each

1" Clear Bowl Tape
order number: drifs-t79

$11.50 / each

1/4" Bowl Tape
order number: flofs-t75x

$10.50 / each


t75 bindit gaffer
1/2" x 60 yards, specify: white or green 3/4" x 15ft roll Self-fusing Floral Binding Tape For Stems And Structures. Flexible Design Creates Permanent Water-tight Seal In Seconds. No Messy Cleanup, Because There Is No Adhesive. Withstands Heat And Cold.  Specify: clear or green 2" x 60 yard roll Premium-grade Vinyl Coated Cloth Tape Used To Hold Wires, Lights And Props. Will Not Leave Adhesive Residue Behind When Removed. Non-effective Cloth Hides Unsightly Wires And Cords.

1/2" Bowl Tape
order number: flofs-t77x

$13.50 / each


3/4" Bind It Tape
order number: flosf-os31x-03

$48.50 / pack of 3


Black Gaffer Tape
order number: flosf-os3101635

$74.50 / each
out of stock

  tack glue  

TACK 1000 is flexible adhesive ideal for light-weight and delicate materials.  Use for reposition-able or permanent bonds.  It is fresh flower-friendly.

  • flexible bonding for lighter materials
  • temporary/repositionable or permanent bonds
  • flower-friendly
  • Safe on Styrofoam brand foam
  • acid-free

TACK 2000 is strong, multi-purpose bonding for heavier materials and floral products.  Safe on fresh flowers and foliage.  Even holds wet moss.

  • strong bonding
  • multi-purpose
  • ideal for flowers, foliages and wet moss
  • extended open tack time
  • acid-free

Glue for Glitter is invisible drying adhesive for adhering all types of sprinkle decoration.

  • dries to a clear invisible bond
  • can be used as a sealing topcoat
  • adheres all types of glitter, micro-beads, sequins, etc.
  • safe on fresh flowers and Styrofoam brand foam
  • acid-free

Tack 1000 Spray Adhesive

Price $13.50 / each

Tack 2000 Spray Adhesive

Price $13.50 / each

Glue for Glitter
order number: flosf-dm663

$13.50 / each

t805  gluepellets t270
4" diameter 16 oz pack high/low duel temperature glue gun - red case 40 watts

Hot Melt Glue Skillet
order number: flofs-t805

Price $25.50 / each

Hot Melt Glue Chips
order number: flofs-gL227

Price $21.50 / each

Dual Temperature Glue Gun
order number: flofs-t270

Price $29.50 / each

t270 t800 t750
standard high temperature glue gun 40 watts high temp, 60 watts, color will vary 80 watts - color may vary

High Temperature Glue Gun
order number: flofs-t271

Price $24.50 / each

Cordless Glue Gun
order number: flofs-t800

Price $41.50 / each

High Temperature Glue Gun
order number: flofs-t750

Price $52.50 / each

223  225 221
all temperature - packaging may vary all temperature - packaging may vary high strength - packaging may vary

4" All Temperature Glue Sticks
order number: flofs-gL223-25

Price $23.50 / pack of 25

10" All Temperature Glue Sticks
order number: flofs-gL225-12

Price $24.50 / pack of 12

10" High Temperature Glue Stick
order number: flofs-gL221-12

Price $27.50 / pack of 12

1532  1530 gl870
2 oz, fast drying, waterproof! 8 oz, secures fresh flowers to headpieces, corsages, foams and branches without damaging flowers 6.2 oz can, securely holds flowers in either fresh or dry foam fast drying - waterproof

Floral Adhesive-Tube
order number: flosf-os1532

Price $10.50 / each

Floral Adhesive with Applicator
order number: flofs-gL1530

Price $35.50 / each

Bouquet Hold Spray Stem Adhesive
order number: flofs-gL1508

Price $27.50 / each

1500  ta80 1542
3.2 oz, for securely bonding Lomey® Design System components, dishes and bowls. waterproof, quick drying, dries translucent 25 ft Sticks To Almost Everything, Stays Stuck, Even Under Water. Ideal For Anchoring Candles, Plastic, Frogs, Figurines And Glass. Specify: white or green 1" x 3" strips

Lomey® Plastic Adhesive
order number: flofs-gL1500

Price $16.50 / each

Sure Stick Floral Adhesive
order number: flofs-ta80

$23.50 / each


U Glu Strips
order number: flofs-gL1542

Price $31.50 / box of 50

1541   42401
instantly bonds all types of surfaces including leaves and fresh flowers   Great to hold cellophane in place when doing gift baskets! Super strength

U Glu Dashes
order number: flofs-gL1541-1000

Price $65.50 / box of 1,000

Super High Tack Adhesive Glue Dots
order number: flofs-gL42401-1000

Price $56.50 / box of 1,000