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Purchasing Bulk Flowers Right for Me?

Buying bulk flowers is very different from buying from a florist. We will outline the pros and cons below to help you decide it this is right for you. Purchasing flowers direct from the grower will give you the "right from the field freshness" but there is allot of work involved too, please read our Flower Care Steps before making your decision. We want our customers well educated in the differences to make a decision on what is good for each of our customers.

Pro's of buying flowers shipped direct from the grower...

1. You will enjoy freshness right from the field. This is an exciting concept since in many cases flowers can set in coolers at the wholesale level before they ship to florists and then in the florist cooler until you purchase them.
2. Designing your own flowers = huge savings over florist rates.
3.  Flowers will last longer if the proper steps are taken.
4. You are in control of your arrangements.
5. Pride and accomplishment that comes with creating your flowers.

Con's of buying flowers shipped direct from the grower..

1. There is quite a bit of work involved in prepping of flowers on their arrival. No shortcuts can be taken and quality solutions need to be used. 2. Field packs of flowers can vary in bloom size and length. There is no guarantee on the size of bloom you will receive. Please do not expect perfect blooms on every stem this is not the case with any bulk flower purchase.
3.  Field packs of flowers can sometimes have flower heads missing. When the growers cut and pack flowers they are as careful as they can be but there are times that flower heads will break off or a stem will break. This is normal with bulk flowers and will not be replaced.
4. You may need to work with your flowers to get them to open. Field packs are sometimes tightly budded and need to be opened before being designed with. This can be an all day process and will need to be monitored.

Florist vs. Bulk...

1. A florist takes on the cost of missing flowers and broken stems.
2. Furnishes all the chemicals needed to take flowers through the "Chain of Life" steps.
3. Designs your bouquets for you to give time to do other things.
4. Delivers flowers and sets up centerpieces for you.