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Bulk Fresh Flower Care and Design - Day Three

Today is design day!   We chose not to touch our flowers to show what would happen if you didn't give them warm drinks or work with them to open. On this day you will see problems that can happen.  Please note: Flowers will continue to open while you are designing with them and again overnight before event day.  So some flowers not all the way open may not be a bad thing.  We will point out the ones that really needed help below:
alstro day 3 The alstroemeria are ready!
bouvardia day 3  As we decided yesterday the bouvardia needed some warm water drinks.  These are not ready and are only about 50% ready to design with.
freesia day 3  If the freesia would have had a couple of warm drinks it would have been perfect for designing.  These are not quite ready.
gerb day3  Gerbera daisies are ready!
iris day 3  The iris is ready!
larkspur day 3  Larkspur blooms are ready but could have been opened a little bit more with a couple of warm drinks.
liatris day 3  As yesterday these have not changed much.  Should have had warm drinks.
stargazer two  Our problem- the stargazer lilies...  Not even close to design with. These needed allot of warm drinks, re-cutting of the stem on day two. Warm room or setting them in the sun would have also helped. 
asiatic lily day 3  The Asiatic lilies are ready!
lisianthus day 3  Lisianthus are ready!
poms day 3  Poms are ready!
roses day 3  As you can see with these roses they all opened at different levels.  You could have controlled them better if you wanted them open more or could have stopped them by placing them in a very cool dark place.
stock day 3  Stock is ready!
sunflower day 3  Sunflowers are ready!
tulip day three  Tulips are ready!