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Bulk Fresh Flower Care and Design - Day Two

After your flowers have rested it is time to start control with the opening of your flowers.  You by now have special designs in mind and know how you would like them to look in the finished designs.  This is a good day to clean buckets, give them fresh water as you work.  There will be flowers that you notice are opening faster than others in the same pack.  These are the ones you want to separate and keep cool so they do not open too much while others in the pack may need a warm water bath to open them on the same timeline.

alstro two Some of the alstroemeria are starting to open. Depending on the stems some may need to be in a cool place and others may need a warm water drink with a warm place to stay.
bouvardia two Bouvardia has not changed much.  These need warm water drinks and a warm room to open, these definitely need to be worked with.
freesia two  Freesia will also need warm water baths to open in time.
gerbera two  Gerbera daisies are just the way they should be.  A fresh drink and a cool location for the evening of day two.
iris day two  The iris are opening quickly!  Fresh drink and back to the cool place...
larkspur two  Larkspur blooms are opening well.  Fresh drink and a warmer place until day three.
liatris day two  Liatris is opening at different levels.  Keep the ones you are happy with in the cool place and pull the ones on the left for a warm water drink and a warm place to stay.
stargazer two  The stargazers are opening too slow and will need some warm water drinks and a warm place to open.
asiatic two  As promised the Asiatic lilies are popping open quickly... Make sure to pull the anthers as they open.
lisianthus two  Lisianthus is opening just right-no special work required here!  Cool place for the evening.
pom two  See how easy these are to care for?  Give them a fresh drink and keep them in a cool spot.
rose two  Take special care with your roses.  They drink water much faster than other flower and cannot run out.   Today they are opening at different rates.  This is the time to split up the ones you want to open up more and the ones you want to slow down.  Remember with roses especially they will be opening all the
while you are designing with them on day three so be careful not
to open them too quickly!
stock day one  Stock is also easy and fragrant!  Keep them close while you are working and experience the aroma of these beautiful flowers!
sunflower2  Sunflowers - another easy flower!  Give them water and keep in a cool place until the designing day.
 tulips day two  Tulips are opening slowly just the way you want keep them cool and in fresh water.  This flower and daffodils do not get floral food at all.
bucket room  Make sure you leave plenty of room in the buckets so the flowers can drink and rest from their trip.  It also helps keep damage to a minimum as you work with your flowers.
Tomorrow is design day!
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