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Dried and Preserved Moss

Assorted moss to include Spanish moss, stone moss, mood moss, reindeer moss and more.

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m10 m10 m10
2 cubic foot box - cleaned and treated 1.24 cu ft - 3# 1 pound bags - specify: natural, light green, green or chartreuse

Spanish Moss
order number: drisf-m10

$28.50 / each

Natural Spanish Moss
order number: drimf-63700-03

$85.50 / case of 3

Spanish Moss - case
order number: drikn-341101xx-12

$89.50 / case of 12

out of stock

341103nw77gm10 34110001 12105201
1.24 cu ft - 3#, specify: light green, chartreuse or moss green 3.5 lb bale 5 oz assortment

Dyed Spanish Moss
order number: drimf-98xxx-02

$71.50 / case of 2


Natural Spanish Moss Bale
order number: drikn-34110001-04

$58.50 / case of 4
out of stock

Moss Assortment - case
order number: drikn-12105201-15

$105.50 / case of 15
out of stock

34100913  p308 p308
4 oz bag approximately 48" x 24" approximately 16" x 48" roll - Sphagnum moss, processed and dyed green to prevent fading, attached to a net backing. Easily cut with scissors.

Light Green Stone Moss
order number: drikn-34100913-12

$59.50 / case of 12
out of stock

Green Moss Mat
order number: drita-p308

$33.50 / each
out of stock

Moss Cloth
order number: drimf-63500-03

$99.50 / pack of 3

94725  12105101 34105101
1.6 cubic ft - natural color: green preserved - 4# color: natural green 2 cu ft carton

Mood Moss
order number: drist-94725

$75.50 / each

Mood Moss
order number: drimf-48730

$85.50 / case

Mood Moss - bulk
order number: drikn-34105101

$110.50 / case
out of stock

90350  90350 w215
2.5 oz packs x 5 2 oz packs x 12 per case 3 lb box

Black Lichen Moss
order number: drimf-90350-05

$65.50 / pack of 5

Black Lichen Moss
order number: drikn-34109801-12

$81.50 / case of 12
out of stock

Preserved Sheet Moss
order number: drita-w215
$75.50 / each
out of stock

06001  06001 06001
4 oz packs - natural (1.6 cu ft packs) 2.67 cubic ft x 2 3 lb box - no soil x 2

Sheet Moss
order number: drist-06001-24

$181.50 / case of 24

Sheet Moss
order number: drimf-63900-02

$119.50 / case of 2

Sheet Moss Supreme
order number: drimf-97350-02

$101.50 / case of 2

96000  w462 w462bg 05761
2 cu ft carton preserved - case of 3 bags 11 oz bags - specify: autumn, black, red, sienna, lavender blue, green, lt green, spring green or natural

Green Sheet Moss
order number: drisf-m8

$36.50 / each

Spring Green Reindeer Moss
order number: drita-w462-03

$39.50 / case of 3
out of stock

Preserved Reindeer Moss
$94.50 / case of 4



37" Large Moss Container
order number: drikn-32169001-02
Price $82.50 / case of 2
out of stock